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Christmas is just around the corner and although many years of events have been cancelled due to pandemics, there are still ways to celebrate the holiday. Most of you know that the city of Austin is home to many great events and festivals throughout the year, but this year is no exception. Austin had events, festivals and pretty much everyone, with events happening everywhere, from the biggest to the smallest and even the most obscure. Almost every week is full of small events of all kinds. Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Year's Eve are therefore full of fun.

Three fun weekends are guaranteed by Austin-based comedian and actor Chris Rock and his team of comedians and musicians.

Mark your calendar and see all the fun that's coming up in 2021 with our July 4th events calendar in Austin, Texas. For more information on all the July 4th / 4th events around Austin, visit our July 4th / 4th events blog for a full list.

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Mani Thomas of the Downtown Austin Alliance came to KVUE at noon to talk about this family-friendly event and says the event will feature live music, food, music and more from local artists throughout the month. Keep your eyes peeled for a special event on Saturday, July 4, when hundreds of people will walk the streets of downtown Austin dressed as mountain gorillas. Enjoy a free concert by the Austin Symphony Orchestra, which is part of the Summer Concert Series.

Industrial chic is less than half of it at Atelier 1205, an Austin venue that combines a raw industrial brick warehouse aesthetic. The exposed brick walls, open floor plans and open-plan interior create a still seductively industrial aesthetic, whether you have dressed up to the nineties or are just a bit more casual for an evening out, but it will surely satisfy both guests and business and personal gatherings.

Comedians from around the country will perform some of the best improv, sketches and stand-up shows at one of Austin's most popular comedy clubs on Saturday, July 23. Comedians Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, Bill Maher and more will perform live and perform their best material to an unsuspecting audience.

Hidden in Austin itself is a hidden oasis in the heart of downtown, a predominantly outdoor Austin venue that offers planners many opportunities to host a variety of events, from open-air concerts to family-friendly events to private events.

The University of Texas at Austin houses several unique buildings, including the Hogg Memorial Auditorium. Nestled in the bustling downtown area, these events will bring new faces and you can attend lectures, cooking demonstrations, classes and tastings hosted by some of the greatest chefs in Austin and across the country. The conference discussions will take place at various venues, including the Austin Chamber of Commerce, the Texas Museum of Natural History, Austin City Hall, and the Austin Convention and Visitors Bureau.

The Capitol 10,000 has become an annual ritual of spring, and in its 36th year it attracts the stupid with the serious. The Austin Symphony stages the annual concert of patriotic music, culminating in a spectacular fireworks display that marks the end of the year and the beginning of a new year for the city of Austin and its citizens.

The Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Festival, which began in 1990, has become the largest in the world, attracting more than 1,000 artists, writers, musicians and food trucks each year. The Austin Music and Video Festival celebrates Austin's long-standing music and video art heritage and returns for the third time in 2014. This Austin event is becoming one of the most important literary festivals in the country, hosting nationally renowned authors, as well as local writers and artists each year.

The Republic of Texas Biker Rally is the largest motorcycle rally in Texas; the race starts and ends in downtown Austin. Enjoy amazing motorcycles and Austin's nightlife during this four-day event, and you will get the perfect tour of this beautiful city. If you plan to visit this vibrant city, you can do better by planning your trip to Austin for this event. Come and enjoy, but consider booking the Austin Convention Center if your event strategy requires it, as it is one of the most popular events in the country.

RED Rally is proud to be a part of Austin and bring top-class entertainment to the event every year. RTX is the place to meet some of the best fans from all over the world and enjoy fantastic entertainment during the best weekend of the year! Get ready for a great night of music, food, entertainment and fun at RTX and help you plan a meeting you can remember.

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