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This is certainly not a collection of the best restaurants in Austin, but there are some consolidated favorites that stand out from the crowd simply because of the exceptional quality of the food they serve. It's the restaurants and food trucks that have made such a difference over the years that really make Austin what it is. In this blog post, I've put together a list of what to do with some of the best and most underrated restaurants in Austin, Texas. If you are walking through the city and trying to reach them all in time, buckle up and buckle up, because it is time.

If you fancy something different from the typical fast food restaurant, you don't have to be pampered. There's nothing better than being in one of the best restaurants in Austin, Texas, or anywhere else in Texas.

Mexican food that is nowhere else to be found, and the outdoor terrace of the restaurant is dog friendly. This cafe and bar in South Austin has plenty of space for the poodle on the patio and a full bar. Polvos has established itself as one of the best cafes and bars in Austin, which it has been since its inception in Austin. There is nothing better than a good coffee and good food in a great location, but this Austin institution has its golden reputation for itself.

There are many other thriving restaurants in Austin, including one that could be described as the new favorite in Austin, but this restaurant is not short of good food and service.

This elegant place is dedicated to the evolving way of eating and service and is a must for anyone interested in the best restaurants in Austin. The best restaurants recommend it not only because it is on the east side, but also because they recommend it. With incredible food in a large, air-conditioned room and a great atmosphere, it's definitely a must-have when you're exploring a good restaurant in Austin. The launderette has incredible food and excellent service, despite the Austin restaurant scene.

Best Restaurants recommends this beautiful Hacienda-style restaurant, which celebrates its 40th anniversary in Austin by serving authentic, fine dining. Fabi Rosi offers modern French and German cuisine made from local, seasonal and natural ingredients and is one of the cozy, romantic restaurants in town. It is located in a renovated house on the east side of Austin in the heart of downtown Austin.

Andiamo has been highly praised by Austinites for being located in the heart of downtown Austin, just blocks from the Austin Convention Center and the University of Texas.

I first came across the upscale restaurant scene 15 years ago on a visit to Austin, but I think it's been around forever. It started in the 1980s as a small cafe run from a small renovated house in downtown Austin. There are so many locations, and this classic Austin restaurant feels like a brand new, trendy space. If you've managed to hold your way through all the trendy, modern day pubs that open almost every week, I'd like to know why.

The Driskill Hotel graces 6th Street in Austin with a bakery and restaurant that has not been around for long.

This hotspot of the lively South Congress has become a real neighborhood hangout, where you can be spotted at least three or four times a week on any given evening. Franklin's Barbecue serves some of Austin's most sought-after grilled food, with one Twitter account dedicated to the length of the lines during the day.

French - American classic, Jeffrey's serves some of the best barbecues in town as well as a wide selection of other dishes. Jeffrey and his wife Jennifer, who are run by two of Austin's most beloved and respected chefs, are truly remarkable in their own right.

This counter and service area serves Creole and Cajun fare, including perhaps the best butt boy in Austin. Freedman's is located in a beautiful historic building and is also one of the good barbecue places in Austin. This is a great restaurant and bar in the heart of downtown Austin, atop the Oasis Texas Development.

As you know, this sports bar in South Austin has a wonderful veranda where you can hang out with your four-legged friends. A huge green park, which is packed with hipsters at weekends, is the venue for the Austin City Limits.

Grab a quick lunch here and get friends and family together to enjoy one of the best restaurants in Austin. To name just a few, don't miss the fried chicken, the devilish eggs, the fried steak and the hot dogs. If you're looking for something more casual and relaxed, head to Elizabeth Street Cafe. Jacoby's is a great place for a casual lunch or a nice dinner with friends or family or just for yourself.

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