More states sue to stop online plans for 3D-printed guns

Published 08-03-2018

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SEATTLE (AP) - More states are suing the Trump administration to dissolve a settlement it reached with a company that wants to post instructions online for making 3D-printed firearms that are hard to trace and detect.

Attorneys general from 19 states, plus the District of Columbia, filed an amended complaint Friday asking a judge make it illegal to share plans on creating printable plastic weapons.

The states say the downloadable files threaten public safety and their ability to enforce gun laws.

It comes days after a U.S. judge blocked the plans from being released until Aug. 28.

He's scheduled an Aug. 21 hearing on the states' request to reverse the federal agreement with Austin, Texas-based Defense Distributed.

Josh Blackman, attorney for Defense Distributed, said Friday that they're still considering their options.

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