The Season's Naughtiest Doughnut Will Remind You Of Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur

Published 12-07-2018

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Baileys Original Irish Cream Liqueur may be making the rounds of your holiday parties this season - as a hostess gift, a cocktail ingredient, or a nice spike for hot cocoa. But the cream-and-Irish-whiskey-based beverage has also inspired another seasonal treat - a very special doughnut from Portland, Oregon-based Voodoo Doughnut.

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The quirky small doughnut chain has named the non-alcoholic treat the Baileys Naughty or Nice Doughnut. It features a raised yeast doughnut topped with vanilla frosting and a layer of gold sprinkles and filled with a Baileys-inspired Bavarian cream, and will be sold for $3.50 at select Voodoo locations for one weekend only, Dec. 13-16.

"The doughnut even comes with your choice of a custom Naughty or a Nice doughnut pick, so you can show off what list you're on this year," the company said in a press release.

Never been to Voodoo Doughnut? The small independent chain is known for its bright pink boxes and fun doughnut flavors, often decked out with cereal or candy. Oh Captain My Captain is a vanilla-frosted doughnut covered with Cap'n Crunch cereal, whereas The Loop is the same but using Froot Loops cereal. The chain is also known for its bacon maple bar with real bacon on top, and its namesake Voodoo Doll doughnut, which looks like a voodoo doll with a pretzel-stick stake through its heart.

You'll need to live in certain locations to make it to Voodoo on time for this treat. There are eight total locations, but this doughnut will only be sold at the downtown and East Side Portland locations, the Eugene, Oregon location, and the locations in Denver, Colorado and Austin, Texas.

This isn't the only holiday use of Baileys we've seen. The liqueur has also inspired some tasty-sounding baking chips that might never make it past the cook's mouth and into cookies. If doughnuts are your hole reason for being, check out the best doughnuts in every state.

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