Jack in the Box Is Testing Burger Fries in California

Published 02-22-2019

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Burger King gave the world Chicken Fries, Dunkin' graced us with Donut Fries and now Jack in the Box has created Burger Dippers, which are cheeseburgers in fry form. If that sounds like something you'd enjoy, get in your car and head on over to Sacramento, California, where the new side is exclusively being tested.

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From now until March 31, customers can get Burger Dippers a la carte for $2.50 per four-piece order or as part of the new $6 Munchie Meal with two tacos, curly fries and a drink. It doesn't look like you get any sauces with these guys unless you ask though, so… why are they called "Dippers" when there's nothing to dip them in? Can we get some ketchup and mustard up in here? What does a girl have to do for some ranch?

With regard to texture and taste, a diner known only as "Austin" told The Impulsive Buy that Burger Dippers taste like Jack in the Box "literally put a whole burger in a blender and then deep fried it." That may elicit some pretty horrendous imagery - but at the same time it sounds like creators may have gotten the flavor exactly right.

On the other hand, Luke from Sacramento Restaurant Review warns, "JUST STAY AWAY!" The food blogger says the concept is fascinating, but the result is "strange tasting, mushy sticks that leave you not wanting more." He says Dippers have a "fake burger taste" and that the texture is similar to that of a lightly breaded chicken nugget.

In conclusion, Luke says the item "falters in every area" and hopes that after its test run is over, Dippers never see the light of day ever again. Can we get some ice for that burn? Only time will tell whether or not these fry-shaped burgers will join the ranks of the most disastrous fast food menu fails of all time.

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