Texas Democrat attends House orientation amid contested race

Published 11-16-2018

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AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - Democrat Gina Ortiz Jones has been in Washington attending orientation for new members of Congress despite Republican incumbent Rep. Will Hurd continuing to hold a lead of 1,000-plus votes in their contested race to represent a sprawling West Texas district.

The race is close enough that Ortiz Jones could seek a recount and still has a couple of weeks to do so. She's more than 1,000 votes behind Hurd out of 209,000 counted.

Ortiz Jones hasn't so far, but also hasn't conceded. Instead, she's saying she's working to ensure that "every vote is counted."

The 800-mile district runs from San Antonio to El Paso and is a perennial battleground. Hurd, who was first elected in 2014, has already declared victory.

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